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Buy SpamExperts In Bulk

Buy SpamExperts In Bulk

  • Posted by Daniel Morgan
  • On October 6, 2016

Resellers:  Buy SpamExperts Licenses in Bulk for your clients!

SpamExperts is our Enterprise grade Spam Filtering Service that is available as standard on all our currently available web hosting plans:  Lite, Standard and Pro.  The service routes all incoming and outgoing emails through the SpamExperts Anti Spam Cloud and is effective in solving many of the email headaches and frustrations commonly found on shared web hosting.

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Incoming Filter

Effectively route all incoming email through the Anti Spam Cloud.  Email that passes the filter lands straight in your inbox.  Email flagged as spam will go to a quarantine folder that you can check at your leisure and release and train any emails that are not spam so the filter becomes more intelligent with use.  No spam solution will ever be 100% effective but with a little patience and training you will quickly find SpamExperts will get better for you at detecting spam vs genuine emails.

Outgoing Filter

The outgoing filter tries to solve the age old shared hosting problem – IP reputation.  With shared hosting you share the server and IP space with other users.   With SpamExperts Outgoing mail filter all your email is sent out through the SpamExperts Anti Spam Cloud – the software will try to stop spam emails leaving the network in an effort to protect IP Reputation.  It’s no guarantee that an IP will get blacklisted but our experience shows it’s rare for a SpamExperts IP to become tainted.

Resellers,  Managed VPS and Managed Server Clients

SpamExperts has never been bundled with our reseller, VPS or server packages so we sell it as an add on product.  This product is only available to servers hosted on our network to comply with SpamExperts Licensing Constraints.  If you have email elsewhere please look to buy from a SpamExperts official reseller – details on their website.

For these clients we offer discounted pricing for bulk buy of SpamExperts Licenses as detailed below.  Just reach out to our sales team to get set up.  Please note VAT is charged on the prices below where applicable by UK/EU law.

Number of LicensesMonthly Cost per LicenseAnnual Cost per License
More than 50ASKASK


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