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Our vision is to be the leading provider of secure, reliable and cost-effective web hosting services, empowering our customers to safely and securely share their data with the world.
We aim to make web hosting easier, more accessible and more efficient for our customers by providing reliable hosting services and support.

Meet Stephen Kinkaid

CEO, Big Wet Fish
  • NEW Modern Web Hosting Stack from Big Wet Fish Hosting

    Challenge us to Speed up your Website...We've been working hard these past number of months at implementing a new and modern server architecture with a modern control panel that we are getting some amazing performance out of.  It's ideal for WordPress and the performance we have been seeing is pretty decent out of the box

  • Why you should invest in continuous backups for your eCommerce Website

    We provide managed backups with every hosting package we sell where we take at minimum on our cheapest plan one daily, one weekly and one monthly backup in what is known as ‘Time Stamped Backups’. Consider this scenario. You run a busy eCommerce website and have our standard time stamped backups. Your daily backup completes

  • What are the Differences between Shared and Private Web Hosting

    Shared web hosting and private web hosting are two different types of web hosting services offered by Big Wet Fish. Some examples of our plans are shown below: Business Starter Package – Shared Web HostingThere will be many websites sharing the same CPU, RAM and Disk Capacity. As a general rule thecheaper the shared hosting

  • The Importance of Backups and Disaster Recovery Planning

    On 10 March 2021 there was a major fire at a large data centre in France and 3.6 million websites being hosted on OVH Cloud were taken offline.  BWF does not use this facility but we have had many a conversation with OVH Staff at conferences such as Cloufest and they are good people.  No OVH staff