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Single Account Servers

Introducing a Single Account Managed Server which is perfect to host any average use website on its own private virtual machine. Since the introduction of GDPR regulations we have seen a growing number of clients reach out to us to move off shared hosting with its inherent risks such as open ports, other users with out of date scripts etc. Most of these clients do not need our Entry Level Managed Server and need something a little smaller.

This managed server offer is for you if you need to host a single website on a fully managed private server.

Note: We only allow 1 website to be hosted on these servers at this price point.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Shared web hosting is as the name suggests ‘shared’. This means your website will reside on a server with other websites each sharing the RAM, CPU and Disk. Shared hosting comes with its own inherent risks as you could be the best behaved website in the server keeping all your scripts up to date etc but another site on the same server (the bad neighbour) could have a malware infested website that could send spam or cause other issues on the same server. Whilst we do take steps to protect against this there is increased risk on shared web hosting by the very nature it is shared. Shared hosting works well for many clients and will continue to do so. However, we’ve seen a growing number of business clients contact us to ask if they can move their website to a private server as part of their internal preparations for GDPR. If you are one of those clients who is looking at a more secure hosting environment for your company website after GDPR then we feel this cost effective plan could work really well for you.

cPanel makes administering the server significantly easier meaning our Level 1 and Level 2 technicians can do most of the tasks you request. In return we can reduce the cost. With a server without cPanel we need our Level 3 team to do most tasks on the server and setup time is significantly longer

cPanel is a secure control panel and they regularly release security patches so in most cases it can be seen as a good solution for your needs. However with cPanel there are many ports that need to remain open on the server to ensure cPanel works. There are also many services that come pre installed that you would not generally need for the hosting of one website and some would say this makes the server more insecure. For a really hardened and locked down server not having cPanel means we can significantly lock down your server blocking every port but those that are absolutely needed for your website to work, not installing a mail server or ftp server (if you need email you get a complimentary account on another server just for email) and restricting logins to your IP address only. We do many other security tweaks too but there are too many to mention here.

It’s rare we charge for moving a website into us unless it is super complicated in a very small percentage of cases. As long as we have access to generate a database backup (or you can provide one) and have access to get your web files (or your old host can provide them) then we should be able to move the website for no charge. If you need us to migrate emails and if we need to do IMAP Syncs then there will be a nominal charge for every email account to cover staff time but we can discuss that on a case by case basis depending upon how many email accounts you need to move in.

It’s easy. Just click the link above to sign up for this plan and once the order is processed a member of our team will reach out to you via the helpdesk to arrange to have your server built and your website moved across.

With a cPanel server it will be ready the same day. With a non cPanel server we ask you to give us 72 hours to get everything ready for you.

Your company GDPR policy may require you to have your backups located on a private server that is subject to the same lock down processes as your main server and is not accessible to anyone other than your IP ranges. With a shared backup server although it is locked down access may be granted to other clients to access their backups only. Whilst this should not pose any security risk we’ve been seeing that some company backup policies require a private backup server.

Yes there will be but bear in mind cPanel is a licensed product that we need to pay for so any discounts will be subject to that restriction. However if you feel you need to host multiple websites on private servers we are more than happy to come to an arrangement. If you are a reseller or current server owner with us and feel you can sell this product on to your clients we want to have a chat too as we can make sure there is a markup for you on this.

Single Account Server

  • 2 Intel Xeon vCPU Cores
  • 2GB DDR4 RAM
  • 40GB RAID10 Space
  • CentOS 7 latest
  • Includes 60GB Remote Backup Space
  • Includes Full Management
  • Includes 24/7 Monitoring

Note: If applicable, VAT added to invoice on ordering

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Single Account Servers Features

Powerful, Fast Servers

Powered by the latest generation of Intel processors and lightning fast SSD disk arrays our servers have the power to handle complex and busy websites with ease.

Have an Existing Site?

Why not let our expert team move it over to your hosting plan with us? We will work with you to handle the whole process and get your site online with us quickly and hassle free.

Security Optimisations

Your site is protected by our hardened web servers with added DDoS protection, custom mod security rule sets and WordPress specific security tweaks to help prevent hacks.

Remote Backups!

Need to roll back your site? We run daily, weekly and monthly backups to a separate server so your data is safe.

Private Backup Server

We can provide an optional additional backup server for £10 + VAT monthly or £100 + VAT annually.


2 hour hardware replacement SLA in event of hardware fault

Free Migrations

Free Migrations from another provider (in 99% of cases)