NEW Modern Web Hosting Stack from Big Wet Fish Hosting

Challenge us to Speed up your Website…
We’ve been working hard these past number of months at implementing a new and modern server architecture with a modern control panel that we are getting some amazing performance out of.  It’s ideal for WordPress and the performance we have been seeing is pretty decent out of the box before any website side optimisations as well.  If you currently have a Managed WordPress plan or a Business Plan then you can move your website to this platform for no extra cost.  If you have a ‘Business Starter’ plan then you can move your website to this platform for a small additional charge. 

Some features are listed below:

  • Cloud based Central Control Panel login meaning there is no ‘bloat’ on your web servers handling tasks that the contol panel handles – one login also allows you to see all your websites.  You can use the panel to move sites seamlessly between servers and assuming they use the cluster name servers the DNS is auto updated.
  • On Cloud / Dedicated implementations you can easily switch betwen Apache (useful for development and troubleshooting) to NGINX to OpenLitespeed (open source version) to LiteSpeed (paid license) for really good caching and website performance.  Openlitespeed we’ve found gives some amazing performance boosts.
  • Snapshot incremental backup system (for storage efficiency)  with multiple retention points with a GUI to take and restore manual backups with daily auto backups
  • Develop customer websites on a staging domain and push to production with ease
  • Quickly make a carbon copy of an existing website.
  • PHP 5.6-8.2 supported (although obviously we discourage the use of end of life versions)
  • Email handled on a separate server so no ‘overhead’ on your web server for SMTP/IMAP email sending
  • Easy Disaster Recovery – If your server fails, Restore sites to another server within the system from the last available backup using the GUI.  Backups are stored in a completely different physical location for disaster recovery purposes.
  • Built on Ubuntu Operating System for long term compatibility (especially with the uncertainty about CentOS Stream and the future viability of AlmaLinux / Rocky Linux)
  • This is a website only platform. We do not provide email on this platform and recommend MS365 or Google Workspace for business email services.

In addition to our shared servers on this platform where clients have a need to host a single website. For larger clients, you can add multiple servers to the setup.  So for example add a single site server with dedicated resources for 1 website or add more resources for multiple websites to a Virtual Machine or add a dedicated machine for more websites again.  

There is slightly more overhead in CPU and RAM due to how the system is containerized with Docker but the actual panel license is a lot less than cPanel so it balances out in most cases cost wise.  As the system is containerized with docker you can easily split a larger server up to host multiple sites.  Our sales team would love to open a chat with you and if you need to host a single website or multiple sites the solution is perfect for all scenarios and is scalable. We can get you a relevant quote on request but for single websites on WordPress or Business plans the cost is the same.

We’ve recently moved a growing number of clients to this platform after an initial announcement and about 80% are seeing significantly better performance so we do recommend you give it a go.  It’s not for all sites but in the vast majority of cases it has worked out.   Of those not seeing a boost in speed we believe this is related to website coding and not platform related as evidenced in GT Metrix test results and other similar sites.

Reach out to our team by emailing [email protected]  if you would like to try this out free of cost initially or if you would like to move your existing WordPress website or websites over to this platform.

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