Why you should invest in continuous backups for your eCommerce Website

We provide managed backups with every hosting package we sell where we take at minimum on our cheapest plan one daily, one weekly and one monthly backup in what is known as ‘Time Stamped Backups’.

Consider this scenario. You run a busy eCommerce website and have our standard time stamped backups. Your daily backup completes at 3am but the server has a complete hardware failure at 2.30am the next day. In this scenario when we restore your daily time stamped backup you would lose 23.5 hours worth of orders from your database.

We offer a number of very cost effective backup solutions that would help prevent the above scenario from being a reality.

MySQL Hourly Backups (free of cost)
We can set your eCommerce website to backup the database once per hour and keep 48 hours of retention meaning the most data you would lose would be 60 minutes. For smaller eCommerce stores many clients find that an acceptable risk as they could piece together an hours worth of lost data from email order confirmations etc.

MySQL Replication
For a small fee we can set up MySQL replication whereby your live database is automatically synced to a secondary database. This means if the primary server fails the secondary database can quickly become the new primary database with zero loss of order data.

Dedicated Backup Software
We use both R1Soft, Acronis and similar packages for server backup and our team can get you some options and pricing on request depending on what you need from your backup solution.

Replicated Server
This is a good solution whereby we set up a second identical server and replicate the file system and databases so in the event your main server fails we can quickly and seamlessly switch you to your secondary server bringing your e-commerce store on line again to keep trading.

Load Balanced Cluster
For larger e-commerce websites we can deploy multiple servers in a cluster where our web servers have silt syncing and our database servers are built in a proper cluster. If one server falls out of the cluster there is no effect on the operation or loading of your website and our team can fix this in the background and add it back into the cloud likely without you even knowing. This approach is recommended for more busy websites where downtime would be critical to the operation of a business.

Why is the above important:
In summary, an eCommerce website is a critical component of any online business, and ensuring that it’s always available and protected is essential. Here are some benefits of continuous backups over timestamped backups for an eCommerce website:

Provides real-time protection:
Continuous backups ensure that any changes made to your eCommerce website are immediately backed up, providing real-time protection against data loss and corruption.

Allows for quick recovery:
With continuous backups, you can quickly restore your eCommerce website to a previous version in the event of a security breach, hardware failure, or software malfunction, minimizing downtime and revenue loss.

Minimises data loss:
Continuous backups ensure that no data is lost between backups, reducing the risk of losing critical data in case of a disaster.

Offers flexibility:
Continuous backups offer greater flexibility in terms of the frequency of backups and the amount of data that’s backed up. You can set up backups to occur at regular intervals or after a specified number of changes.

Reduces workload:
With continuous backups, you don’t have to worry about manually backing up your website, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. This allows you to focus on other important aspects of your eCommerce business.

Provides peace of mind:
Knowing that your eCommerce website is always protected and that your data is safe can give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Talk to our team today about your backup needs and we can ensure we get you the most appropriate disaster recovery backup solution to allow you to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

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